From Florida to Grand Bahama by Jet Ski

What better way to end the summer than to spend a weekend in beautiful Grand Bahama? We know it’s a quick trip away from South Florida by boat, but what about by jet ski?

According to The Freeport News, no one has attempted to jet ski from Florida to Grand Bahama in 11 years. But four adventure enthusiasts successfully completed the journey over the long holiday weekend.

Departing South Florida for the Bahamas by jet ski


The sportbike motorcycle riders and racers are no strangers to danger and excitement. After reading about and seeing videos of similar jet ski trips to other Bahamas islands, Tristan Reeves and Aaron Leiter of Texas began putting together a plan to make their own journey across the Gulf Stream. Although many expressed interest, Dale Blackman of New Jersey and Brandon Cretu of Pennsylvania decided to join them.

Properly equipped with extra fuel, supplies and emergency equipment, the group set out on Friday morning to make the long journey from South Florida to Freeport across open water. The four traveled 75 miles by jet ski from Boca Raton, Florida, to Sunrise Resort and Marina, and the trip proved to be more adventurous and memorable than expected.

Shortly after leaving, the group encountered rough seas and lost their coolers. But when the seas calmed, they were rewarded with the sighting of dolphins. “The best part of the trip for me was while in the middle of nowhere, the water was flat as a mirror and the dolphins started coming up,” said Blackman. “That was like wow!” (Here is a video of the group playing with dolphins on the jet ski trip from Florida to Grand Bahama.)

Leiter commented, “It was filled with trials and tribulations, but it was absolutely thrilling. For most of the trip, there was no landmark.”

After a four-hour trip, the group made it safe and sound to our Grand Bahama marina resort where they were quickly greeted by Bahamas Customs, the friendly staff at Sunrise and local news media.

Although spending only a short time on island, they experienced much that Grand Bahama and Sunrise Resort and Marina has to offer, including snorkeling and night life.

The group departed Sunday for the return trip, but hope to return and make it an annual tradition as well as introduce others to the jet ski adventure.

Four adventure enthusiasts traveled by jet ski from Florida to Sunrise Resort and Marina, Grand Bahama



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  1. John Terrace
    5 years ago


    Me and a group of my friends are putting together a jet ski trip to the Bahamas sometime this winter. We will be leaving from Florida (East Coast). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I think it will be a group of 6 jet ski enthusiast and we are just starting the planning stage. Thanks for the web site and story. I really enjoyed looking at your story.

    John Terrace


    • KEVIN
      4 years ago

      We also are planning on doing a trip by jet ski ( 6 skis and 1 boat ) and would like to maybe plan it at the same time as you guys – safety in numbers kind of thing
      If this is ok with you please email me and I will provide any info you need



  2. don benoit
    4 years ago

    hey i have been watching vids and stories of you and others cruising to Bahamas on jet ski or wave runners I’m 51 and looks like something id like to ad to my bucket list. if any one is planning another trip let me know. i from grand island ny and love to ride . never even road in the ocean before .
    im sure i will be fine as long as i don’t become some fishes dinner.

    so let me know don i got adog that would like to go to but she looks to much
    like a seal


  3. Jermaine smith
    1 year ago

    I’m interested in doing a trip this August 2018. If anyone else is interested please email me. I’m leaving from Maryland


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