July/August Grand Bahama Fishing Forecast

Summer is here and great fishing on Grand Bahama is calling. To help you plan for your trip, we’re happy to share the July/August Grand Bahama Offshore Fishing Forecast from our friends at Coastal Angler Magazine. Get more fishing forecasts and insights in the July/August issue of Coastal Angler Magazine.

Grand Bahama Offshore Fishing Forecast

West End blue marlin are overlooked on Grand Bahama Island but if you can put the time in, you will have some excitement that you won’t forget. It reminds me of marlin fishing off Kona, Hawaii, short ride, big fish.

Keep your eye on your temperature gauge as we get into summer, as the warm water coming off the bank gets so warm that moving further offshore is a must. The calm seas of summer will be on the menu for the next few months, so break out your marlin gear and come spend some quality time in West End.

Another great trip here is trolling for grouper. Try 60 feet at 8 knots with a split tail and a bright skirt. The locals here get all their groupers from traps in 60 feet and there are plenty of fish in that range. The advantage is the fish can’t hole up because of the forward motion of the boat and he will pop up behind the boat because of his open mouth. This is a very effective way to fish this species.

Forecast by: Capt. Dave Dawson, West End, Grand Bahama Island, Chartering Old Bahama Bay and Blue Marlin Cove

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