Grand Bahama activities

Grand Bahama activities

Choose from a wide variety of activities for your vacation on Grand Bahama – from swimming with dolphins to bone fishing to duty free shopping and even gambling!

Of course, the biggest draw to our island are the beautiful beaches – from popular spots with lots of activities to secluded sands where you make the first footprints.

While some tour companies can pick you and your party up right from Sunrise Resort, we recommend you rent a car to travel around the island on your own. You may also hire our taxi driver partner for ground transportation and island tours.

Below are some of the more popular island activities:


We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention fishing! Grand Bahama Island presents a diverse array of fishing habitats, from the famed bone fish flats to the inshore reefs providing grouper, snapper and mackerel to the deep blue sea just a few miles offshore that is home to blue and white marlin, sailfish, Wahoo, tuna and more.

Just check out some of the latest Grand Bahama fishing photos on our blog from recent guests.

Try your luck on your own, bring your friends for a tournament or guy’s trip, or book a tour with one of our many qualified guides.